5 Thoughts on Chasing Your Day Dream


With graduating from college and learning how to “adult,” I’ve had many friends (including myself) who have found themselves discontent with their jobs and struggling to find outlets to chase their “dreams” or passions. Maybe it includes exploring national parks, traveling to places filled with wonder or mystery, venturing into unfamiliar yet greatly admired art forms, or for me, making my writing more than just a secret moment in my day.

Here’s some thoughts from someone who is just getting started:

  1. Just because you’re doing something artistic, risky, or creative, doesn’t mean you will need to be the best at it. Comparison breeds competition and competition has no place in joy. Doing things or trying something new is robbed of all the fun when you’re doing it for other people.
  2. Take risks and open yourself up to making mistakes. Maybe part of my childhood dreams have given way to my current career, but not all of them have. I’m trained in my profession and I’ve learned how to take risks and make mistakes in that area. But, what about in the areas where I’m certainly no expert? What about in the areas where I lack credibility? That’s what the word risk means. Open yourself up to criticism, trusting the process and enjoying the ride.
  3. Consider which is the side project. Do I see myself as a teacher who writes on the side? Or, can I begin to see myself as a writer who teaches on the side? Do you have to consider yourself the accountant that hikes on the weekends? Or, could you possibly consider yourself a hiker who accounts (?) on the weekdays? A friend brought this idea up to me, and I’m wondering how our perspective and mindset can alter how we experience our day jobs and our passions.
  4. Be the type of person you say you want to be. For the past few years, I’ve been telling myself I want to be a writer. Yet, I did nothing about it and continued to find dissatisfaction in all the things my job couldn’t give me. Taking small steps to chase after your dreams, no matter how small – it counts!
  5. Have fun! Maybe it’s not just about developing a craft or talent. Maybe it’s about the fun to be had, the memories to be made, and the relationships to be strengthened.

What have you done to chase your day dreams? Have you shifted careers, or simply made more time for the things you love?



4 thoughts on “5 Thoughts on Chasing Your Day Dream”

  1. Recently, I’ve tried to make more time for my creative pursuits and am starting to take my ideas more seriously by acting on them.

    Nice post!

    1. Yes, me too! It takes a concerted effort to prioritize things that seem like they’re “just hobbies,” but it’s always so worth it.Thanks!

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