Nothing to Complain About

I’ve begun a new position at work, and many people have inquired about how it’s going. I’ve responded mostly by saying, “No real complaints!”

My writing life has often been ruled by my emotions and circumstances. Mostly, I just wait around for some significant realization to come along, and then I write about it. Thus, I’ve been silent on the blog for a number of months. I guess I haven’t been realizing much or thinking too deeply about much, either.

Yet, I think that this is how many of us may walk through our days. Or, at least me. For the most part, I can get through each day being neutral at best. Human emotion is a fascinating thing that helps me experience life vibrantly, yet simultaneously can drain me of life with a snap of the fingers.

In observing many emotions experienced by kids of varying ages, I see this in them as well. It’s fascinating to see the way that an emotion can spark immediately and fizzle there for hours on end. Or, build and build until explosion, then immediately repeal itself from the scene of the crime as if never even being there to begin with.

Both of these scenarios happen to me, and I’m sure they happen to you too. Yet, there are things that are much more reliable that I can hold onto. For me, a lot of it has to do with faith in God. For you, it may be different. But, I think for many of us, it has a lot to do with focusing on reality – and at the risk of being the most cliche blog writer – focusing on the positive.

Gratitude is healing. It’s something that doesn’t come immediately to my mind after the 10th time that one person does that one thing that drives my crazy. I’m not running hard to thank those people who constantly question or disrespect me. Most of the time, I stew over these situations and think about how unfair these things are people are being in my life. But, time and time again, I see how this is especially toxic for my mood and emotions. Gratitude is healing.

So, instead of just being neutral about what’s going on, and saying that “I have nothing to complain about” – maybe, just maybe, I need to declare and celebrate the good. And, when it’s not as in my face as the annoyances or inconveniences that so easily pop up, maybe I can even – DARE I SAY IT – look for things to be grateful for.

I’m thankful for many things. But today, I am especially thankful for the gift of words. What are you thankful for?