New Word(s) for the New Year

I couldn’t pick just a “word” for the new year, which I think already defeats the point. And, I can’t bring myself to call these goals, because that’s just too much pressure. But, I do want to consciously consider and prioritize these ideas in my every moment:

  1. Slow Down. It seems as though my entire 24 years of life has been a giant rat race of who will finish first and get the “cheese.” Aka, adulthood. Spoiler alert: we all get the cheese of adulthood…but now what? After graduating college, I raced through my first year of teaching eager to be married. After that year, I raced through another year waiting for summer to happen again. Yet, I quickly realized that racing through life and marking days off the calendar are far from fulfilling. I’m constantly wanting to leave events early, finish all my work as fast as I can, and rush through simple tasks. All to do what? Go to sleep early? Lay on my couch? Do nothing? “Relax?”

    No. No more racing through life and counting down days. I’ve heard through the grapevine that circumstances don’t change your joy or happiness. You do. I mean, I do. I mean, we do. I get to choose whether or not to enjoy where I’m at in this moment in time. I bet that probably begins by not wanting it to constantly be over.
  2. Say Yes. I’ve developed this habit of saying no. Do you want to hang out? No. Do you want to lead this thing? No. Do you want to blah blah blah? No. 

    No. No. No. No. No.
    I think that I would rather lazy around and do nothing. But, in reality, it only feels good to do nothing if it’s a reprieve or break from activity. If I never go out and do activities, then I’m never really in need of a break. Which means that doing nothing is, in fact, not serving any purpose whatsoever. So, here’s to a year of more Yes’s, and less No’s.

  3. Connect. Everyone wants to feel connected. Even as an extreme introvert, I know that I don’t really feel like being connected. But, I know that deep down, it’s a need and a desire to be connected to people around me. I think the 1st two “goals” are just byproducts of this main idea of connecting. Connect with the people that are already in my life. Connect with their experiences and their hurts. Connect with the moment, life stage, and season that I am in.

So, let’s connect! Who’s hanging out around here? Say hi in the comments and share your word(s) – I’d love to learn more about your world.