The Village People: Stories

But, what does it really mean to be a village person? I asked my family members to weigh in on this, and it was really not something they seemed excited to be recorded talking about. But here are some of the stories they had to tell…

My dad said, “Being Taishan, well…”

*Insert audio clip*

Dad 0:15 – 1:32
“Being Taishan? Well I guess when my parents …”
– Humble
– Frugal
– Being made fun of
– Parents getting made fun of

“I knew I was born in America, but I knew I was different and I just accepted it as how things were and just went with it.”

My mom said…

*insert audio clip*

My older brother Nathan said…

Well, he really didn’t say much. But, he did bring up the story about how when we asked our Yeh Yeh about how he know how to do things, he responded, “I got it from my own head.”

Steph had a great story about Popo’s teaching style…

*insert audio clip*

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