Hi, I’m Meagan!

Meagan Lee is a 3rd grade teacher in Austin, TX. Throughout her 7 years in the classroom, Meagan’s students with labels related to special education have captured her general education heart through her teaching experiences from 1st to 5th grade and across private and public school contexts.

Meagan’s academic interests include: neurodiversity, inclusion practices, critical literacy, and anti-bias, anti-racist pedagogy. Meagan is a granddaughter of Chinese immigrant paper sons — their legacy of sacrifice and resistance carry her in her work as an anti-bias, anti-racist teacher and citizen.

Meagan is currently pursuing her Masters in Education in the Teacher Leadership, Mentorship, and Professional Development program in the Language & Literacy department at UT Austin. Meagan enjoys going on adventures with her husband Josh, playing tug of war with her fluffy dog Franklin, reading, writing, spinning, and being an amateur watercolor artist and gardener.

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